What do you listen to while scripting?

Post music that you listen to while scripting. :smiley:

Here is mine:
MGMT - Time to Pretend

hell ya mang


i sang this btw. college grad chicks always strattin me when im programmin that C

While coding, I listen to the Black eyed peas, godsmack and sometimes Hollywood Undead.
For some reason I find my mistakes much faster like that.

Pandora for the win. I code much more fluently and efficiently with music playing.

I listen to my mom talking on the phone all day…

This is what music my heart is set on. Electro house.

This, very relaxing.

Guns n’ Roses,
Rage Against the Machine,
Led Zeppelin.

Edit: Forgot Nirvana and System of a Down

Listening my computer’s fan.

I usually find myself listening to either the entire Caramell Supergott album or techno trance music such as

Either 181.1FM or BBC Radio 1. Usually The Eagle though.

Ochre - Infotain me. It’s a great calm piece of music, with an original awkward beat. First time I ever heard Techno mixed with Strings. ( Listen to the first minute, because it’s only after 20 seconds that the strings and harps come it )

Caravan Palace - Rock it for me. This is one of my favorites, it’s retro, yet modern. It’s part of the Electroswing genre, and I think it has a good enough beat to it. ( Listen to at least a minute and a half for the taste of it, the beginning isn’t the best.


Jes - Imagination (Kaskade Remix) I enjoy this song a lot.

She’s not so hot, 'eh but the song is a amazing.

I don’t really pay attention to music videos, they always make me attentive to watching the video as appose to actually coding.

Your entire Itunes collection?

No, that’s Sassilizationss radio play-list. :stuck_out_tongue:

I listen to a lot of upbeat music. Mainly Juke. Get’s me going

WinAMP, and no,
that’s 1625, of my 14015 songs. (103.25 GB)