What do you listen too when you play?

As the topic. What music do you listen to while playing rust if any?

OR are you playing without music to be able to hear other players sneaking around =)


Coheed and Cambria,Disturbed,Device,Hardcore superstars,Our darkest days,Lillasyster

I don’t listen to music. What if someone is shooting and I need to hear where it’s coming from? What if someone is outside my house or near me? I hate people who listen to music when playing team games (go for it if you are playing on your own,) but, god damn people who are playing on teams listening to games playing the game half because they can’t hear what’s going on in-game and communicate.

Exactly, what if there is a naked man behind you breathing down your neck, you wouldn’t know, so you end up dead, naked and covered in cum.

Well I usally play alone with the music quite low so that I still can hear whats going on around me =)

Plaid / Ratatat for me, quite low too

LOTR Theme Tune for when i’m hunting with a bow.

Lion King when i’m looking after the land from a rock that looks like Pride Rock and i tell my friend who stands next to me. “Everything the light touches, will be yours…”

Rhianna - Diamonds because i’m a troll and everyone i play with hates the song.

and Ghost Busters for raiding/entering/breaching a structure/base.

Well I stoped playing the game “The proper way” since even after a fresh wipe people get explosives and get over few stacks of C4 in just first 10 minutes, so I just play the music as loud as I can(Metal and such) and walk around naked and fool around, not much to do in this game untill it goes to v1.0.
Wondering if they will release a singleplayer :confused: