What do you look for in a DarkRP Server?

Like the title says, What would you enjoy added to a DarkRP server. Suggestions on jobs? Entities? or maybe addons? Im open minded, and anything you put here might help a certain someone further develop his server :wink: Maybe this will even help other Owners as well.

Another gamemode. Seriously, if your DarkRP server isn’t the most customized, lag-free server, then it’ll be buried in the hordes of other DarkRP servers. Also, have a theme, not just “generic RP.” Lastly, code your own content. Coderhire and free addons aren’t unique.

DarkRP is terrible, full stop.
Not as bad as Pedophile RP[sewious rp], but its defiantly up there.

Your probably right on that one xD You mean like, 1940’s or something like that. Not just, oh heres a server with lots of jobs and the end. I’m hoping to find a good theme then. What do you think?

It’s not a matter of theme, but a matter of gameplay. The “economy” of DarkRP is based around money printers, and in about one week you’ll have:

  • An economy that’s extremely inflated
  • Players who have reached the end game, and just starting Mass Deathmatching because they are bored out of their fucking minds.
  • A system which sends people who play the police or raiders into a huge sit of cognitive dissonance, when they have to put themselves into the reality that in order to be the so called “good guys” they have to attack players who are essentially working with the only economic driver in the game. (For more reference to this topic, feel free to read a story I wrote up called the “Fish Market”)
  • The government in any sort of DarkRP is a comical “Enemy X” which acts as an opposing force to contrafarmers or otherwise the organized gangs in the server. This leads to Mass Deathmatch.
    And the list goes on.
    I’m not referencing 1940’s RP or any of that by the way, but referencing HL2RP and servers where players are essentially caged and brainwashed into beliving that they are some form of master race amongst the RP community, when in reality their scripts are usually the most locked down and boring experiences of them all.

Well, Unfortunately my server will be 100% free xD
There would be no fuss this way, and I will try to use rare maps that arent overly used like Downtown, or Evocity… Right now, I am trying to come up with jobs that will base off of communitive rather than criminal. Although, Crime will always be a large factor in all DarkRP servers, so of course I will add Crime families. Mafia. Fortunately it will not be a gun everyone down situation

Unfortunate is good for everyone in this case. Including me!

But that is what every DarkRP becomes, especially when you have two figurehead groups that add generic enemy x’s. Servers always end in Mass Deathmatching.

I’d prefer to name some things I strive to avoid, maybe that’ll help.

A short list:
-Custom content riddled servers
-Untested custom classes that don’t balance out well
-Anything with Falco’s Prop Protection
-Servers with “Realistic” CSS sweps
-Servers running rp_downtown_v4 (really, even v2 is preferable)

Overall, though? I don’t really play darkrp anymore.

What are you expecting then?