What Do You Look For/Like in Gmod Maps?

Hey guys, i’m wanting to create a level for Garry’s mod sandbox that has alot of interesting features and things that, with the creative mind, would find enjoyable. What are some of your favorite things that you would find or would like to find in a Gmod map?

Right now im currently working on a level that is loosely based off a park in my area and will have alot of similar features, i have alot of my own ideas as to the layout and what goes in it but i need to know what most others like as well. I plan on putting a prison, mini city, secret underground laboratory etc just to name a few interesting ones. I want there to be some Rp elements as well as some mystery to the design. my last map was called the Gmod13_hotels.

Thanks in advance.

I’d like to see a map modeled after the shanty towns in South Africa.

Something unique like the above post.

never ever using the default construct texture scheme.

Hidden easter eggs/secrets or generally stuff to explore.

Famous locations. There isn’t a lot.

1: Open space. I love being able to drive at full speed for a while.

2: Terrain. Flatgrass is a great nostalgia trip, but I have suspension on my cars for a reason. I want some subtle undulations on the outer half of the map, something I can still haul ass over but will give my suspension purpose.

3: Vehicle Testing areas. No, no, I don’t mean those asinine ‘here’s two ramps put your wheels on them and don’t fall in the gap’ obstacles. Those are just terribad. And they don’t serve to test the vehicle, only to annoy the driver.

4: Something on the map to look at/build in/whatever. AGain, Flatgrass is a nice nostalgia trip, but there needs to be some things on the map beyond a testing area and a concrete spawn zone.

5: Well optimized. The cars cost enough processing power as it is, so let’s not dedicate any more to the map itself than we absolutely must.

gm_carconstruct is a pretty good idea, as is gm_bluehills, and they’re usually where I am.

Non Half Life 2 textures would be nice, especially avoid using anything combine related. Also, some area that has rooms with doors and stuff for people to decorate and build in. Open spaces for building are also nice. Back to the textures, if you want something different looking go for this https://garrysmods.org/download/5966/halo-3-texture-pack.

  1. Easter Eggs / secrets (I just love those in games like GTA etc.)

  2. Buildings you can enter (makes the map alive)

  3. Clear ares where the skybox starts (I hate if I am driving/flying/sailing and I hit a invisible wall where the skybox starts)

  4. Functions (Radios that play songs, machines, sounds, lights, buttons…)

  5. I love when map makers spend time finding errors in their maps etc. Final version will be much better if the creator(s) test the map and check everything

  6. A style that fits the map (I love when a cold mountain map feels like it is there. Things like “Welcome to Gm_coldmountain ! Created by: Someone STEAM ID: 002134_F3534 - YouTube: Someone gamer 2000” can really make the map feel weird + it will make the map seem bit out of place.

A rainy military compound(Like Camp Omega or something similar)

The best maps are those that tell a story. Whether its gameplay or aesthetic, a good story makes a good map. Good Garry’s Mod maps are typically those that tell stories. For instance, rp_city18 or whatever the name is, had amazing buildings, especially the pizzaria; the interiors are creative and maintain complex structure with relatively simple brushwork. Kind of makes you imagine what sort of stuff would go on in such a place if people were living there, what kind of lives people would carry on in such an environment, which is sort of the appeal of rp in the first place.

I like the kind of maps where there’s certain areas that make you wonder what happened there previously.

Take RP_Rats for instance: When you’re at the apartments, one of them is missing a front door and doesn’t have functioning lights or a doorbell. It’s also completely ruined on the inside compared to the other apartments’ normal wallpaper and carpeting, and somehow feels more barren despite the rest of the rooms being empty already.

I’ll like a bank. A big fat bank

Something that can be good for anything. Npc battles, scenebuilding, roleplaying…