What do you need help with? [Animation] V1

Hi there.

I see that many people need help with animation, I’m one of them.
The thread should be about people to help other people to make animations, I can start, Template:

***What you need: We say I’m police, And a guy is in front of me, the police ask him and keep your hands to the head, then the guy’s hands to the head, then the police will rise up, Taking his hands from his head and put handcuffs and then hands in the back, while they do this, will they follow the movement as a thief does.

What I wrote in’’ What do you need’’ I really need it, Do you and help and do it?

Contact me in steam: Carbon_95
Can you do this?
Lust and help?

Let’s start with V1 Animations!

Recreating a thread and giving it a different name won’t get people to help you any faster.

This is the first animation thread :slight_smile:

And also, The other one was about more than that i wanted now.