What do you say about a server portal?

I’m workin on somethin big…BIG! A server portal, a rift between servers! Creat a portal, and you and your props will be teleported to the designated server. But right now, I have a couple people telling me it’s a bad idea, and not to do it. So I need YOUR advice… I really wanna do this, so please, nobody steal this idea.

Sucks. I just stole your idea.

Do it. You don´t have to care about if the users like the idea.
If a server wants to use it, it will use it. If no,t it will not use it xD
Btw, I like the idea.

You’re not going to manage it.


Looking at his post history, he knows no Lua and started learning E2 four days ago.


And E2 can’t even do this.

That had been really cool. But I guess you have to know some lua to do it. Take a look at the lua forum, and take the lua tuts at gmod wiki.

You just want attention.

i say no anyway

Learn Lua, and make it configurable so the server owner can decide the server.

This doesn’t seem too hard actually, just make some random doorway, and script it with lua to make it so when you activate it, it will do something like “connect <server IP here>” in the console. Not too hard, and not all that different from clicking a server in your server list. The whole props being taken there as well is probably more difficult.

Has been theorized before in some of the Stargate threads. The conclusion was usually that it’d bee kinda useless and inreliable, although many reasons for those were related with the specific functionality of a stargate and the fact that the stargate is an entity.

Even though it’s doable, I doubt anyone will start working on it. Also needs binary modules for server-server communication.