What do you see in each picture

What do you see in each picture?

Uh, I see a city skyline, some windows from a map on Halo Reach, or any fancy building, some more floating windows, and a broken Frostbite 3 hand. . . That’s wiggling, at least I think it’s wiggling, could be the alcohol.

I see shapes

72 virgins

The only thing that came into my mind is a piano drop.

The first, I see skyscrapers surrounding a tree made from more skyscrapers, which suggests that the nature we see inside cities is artificial, only making more money for the government by using nature.

The second, I see windows, intertwining, suggesting we could all be prisoners, looking at the same thing, whilst the ones that have broken off are seeing the truth.

The third, I see chains. Not sure what they’re holding, or what they’re hanging from.

I’m not sure of the fourth one.

Rectangles in a tree, rectangles with the centre cut out, then rectangles with the centre cut out jumping side to side

In the first one, I see a tree that grows in a sci-fi world.
And the rest? I think it is another dimension to the world. Each square/rectangle is some way to new world.

Trees, stumps, windows windows windows windows windows

You should turn your anti aliasing all the way up when doing pics like these. Seeing the jagged lines really takes away from the artwork. And if that doesn’t help then use Super DOF and only have its smoothing turned up a little, it will slightly soften the images and you wont see any jaggy lines. Also, I’m not going to bullshit you and come up with some crazy elaborate conclusion of your pictures via some ecstasy; I think you did create some interesting pieces, but i don’t think you spent more than a three hours on the entire thing. They are cool, but they are lacking real depth. At least, that’s my opinion.

A tree and poles, windows, more windows and dancing windows.

fourth one is motion sickness given hateful form, perhaps a deity to some

The pictures have no meaning. I was interested in seeing how Facepunch thinks.

Thank you for participating in the psychological survey.