"What do you suppose these are?" MNU questioning a Prawn

“What the fook is this”



I still lol at the vortiguants faceposing! Great idea and thanks for using my skin.

Expect that edit sometime tomorrow!

Affirmative :smiley:

“Don’t you point your fookin tentacles at me, man!”

This is illegal wepon

“This is a big fookin find right here, man.”

“This… this is definitely alien… but it’s not a weapon.”


cough splutter splutter

Haha, is that the pulverizer from MZ?

Makes it sound like an intergalactic douching device.

wow, somebody used my ports


Nice picture. The vortigaunt looks too comical to take the scene too seriously though.

Also, are those weapons publicly released or no?

i did them :v:




also i hope you realize we’re the same person by the names :downs:

You got banned for that thread title? How the hell is that ridiculous? They’re alien weapons… from Fallout. Did you have it as something else and it got changed?


Goodsy. :slight_smile:

Fooking fook, sheet fook!

I loved that guy.

How is house music an appropriate soundtrack for an interrogation

it was originally Falldarf 3: Motherfart Zederp Alien Pistolera Double Feature Good Job.


Because the songs called around the world, and theyre aliens, idk, seemed appropriate

You told me to post in STEAM again so I did. :smug:

Looks nice. Love the use of the Combine Vest. Only thing I noticed was very minor finger cliping at the bottom.

No fingerposing D;

Also, I bet if you give him catfood he will tell you.