What do you think about gmodservers.com

I’m about to buy a Garry’s Mod server and I discovered this website, and I don’t really trust servers renters with 0.35$/slot.

Can you tell me if I can trust this website.

If I am correct(which I’m usually not) if you have a decent computer you can run a server from your game client. Is this true anyone? I mean i understand the benefit of having a dedicated server with some big company, but if your JUST starting out and you have a decent computer and a good internet connection, you should be able to run a 8-16 slot server from home.

I’m not asking if its better to host it myself or rent it !
I’m asking if this server renter is good!

Sorry, I got the impression you were starting a server for the first time and I thought I would give you a free alternative to renting one. I guess that was presumptuous, sorry to have responded to your thread…

Xenon Servers? I think we’ve had around ten threads regarding this in the last six months alone - use the search feature.

Click order now on gmodservers.com and you’ll understand what I’m saying.

Blues cant search, remember.

Seems like just any other shitty, yet popular game server hosting service. I don’t see what makes it stand out.

You can use google though with no issue.

I had a friend that was completely shat on by xenon, I think other people have had better luck with them though

Xenon is running at fully capacity and we’ve made several changes to improve customer service at all levels and service in general over the past few months. Any questions please feel free to ask!

gmodservers.com is just a method of SEO advertising we have, it links to Xenon Servers.

Here’s one, and I am actually curious for an answer:

Why should someone buy a server from Xenon instead of, say, Elpis?