What do you think about my cinematography?

Alright before you give me critism I would love to tell you that these
content has nothing to do with my
“movie experience” as how good I am at making videos, all I want to know is how good cinematography they are (cinematic/epic). I love cinematic stuff so that’s why I want to know. Thank you for reading.

Slow cinematic sad ver. :

Epic Cinematic test:

Cinematic intro:

The resolution issue has been solved as you can see on the other two videos.
I have improved myself and now got AE cs4, Sony Vegas Pro 10, C4D r12, Mudbox, and other Half-Life 2 SDK’s taht I’m currently working on for future projects.

i liked the epic cinematic , they are good , don’t what else to say

Good videos Jockedevian. I think you could make some pretty intreseting music videos and cinematic videos.