What do you think about Rust ?

What are your impressions about Rust ?

it’s pretty bad

But remember its a alpha

still pretty bad

Lots of potential ruined by minecraft/dayz kiddies

Played it for about 10 minutes, where it took nearly 20 minutes just to load all the stuff.
Not good.

Considering the fact that The game is pretty much made from the Unity3d Asset bootcamp http://u3d.as/content/unity-technologies/bootcamp/28W Pretty Good.

no not really

it’s a combination of player models based on Valve skeletons (for some reason), uLink, EasyRoads3D, and lots of in-house stuff

also the minecraftia font

I hope it come out fast so i can try it

Although I’ve never played Rust, I don’t really have much desire to as the majority of the players seem to be, as superstepa said, Minecraft/DayZ kiddies.

Ive also never played Rust

It’s pretty mediocre at its current stage of development.

It runs like ass aswell.

It looks nice, but the community is ridiculous.

Yep just when I look in this section.
Srsly the community will the game later…
but anways didnt played rust yet just saw some footage but I think it is really good.

Do you have an account ?

Minecraft/DayZ kiddies? As if being a fan of Minecraft/DayZ is a bad thing? People like to play games similar to the games they love, that’s why so many people want to play this game.

If anything, I’d say the people who play Rust are the kiddies, since Rust doesn’t look half as intense as DayZ.

It’s got potential. But even as a sandbox, it leaves a lot to be desired in its current state - there’s simply nothing to do, except KOS noobs, so this is what people do. That’s the kind of thing that kills a game, but I assume there will be more meaningful pastimes when we reach beta.

It seems like some people don’t like it either because they die all of the time and it doesn’t run well on their computer. You have to remember that it is at its birth, so much more will most possibly come from it and a balance through game-play will occur.
At the moment it has allot of teams, bandits basically raping every gamer they meet with no moral code, capturing all of the large structures to pilfer all the boxes with special items and let no one near, thus having a major monopoly over the rest of the players. It is how you think the game should be played, all i am trying to do at the moment is collect blueprints and be as careful as possible. It is very annoying, but imagine the achievement of sticking it back to them. Re-think your strategy. As it is still in the Alpha stage i don’t think anyone can complain really, just be grateful that you are here and have the opportunity to be apart of it.
Animations are rather wooden, most NPC’s are not finishes obviously but i’m not complaining, more enemies and possible special loot (i have some ideas too).
it would be nice to be able to run it full spec without frame drop, but it runs through a browser, so…
plus i just stick the graphic options to fastest for now, occasionally changing them to see the full force.

I think it could be brilliant anyway, and it also could be much more different when it is finished to what it is now, anything is possible.

It is fun anyway, no other game can make you crap yourself like this can, it brings out parts of the personality which i have never experienced (in a game, real life, not so lucky lol) Some not so good and a little concerning, but it is a game after all.

(Friendly) hehe

It has the potential to be a smash hit. Right now it’s really broken. (And hopefully the community doesn’t ruin it entirely)

It’s really meh, I don’t get the hype over it.

EDIT: The Rust forum is really amusing to read though, so that’s a good thing, I guess.