What do you think about Sleepers Hotel?

Like Garry said “It adds more emergant gameplay (maybe you could start a hotel where you guard people’s sleeping bodies)”
Lets start HOTEL with guards!
anybody know the game dayzRP? there is settlements with guards they are guarding the area most of the time and getting pay food, and other stuff, so please guys! lets make body keep hotel!
so the idea is to pay for entrence for keeping your player alive!
with guards and manger of the hotel.
we will be needed to pay with: AMMO,FOOD,ARMOR,WEAPONS,ATTECHMENTS.
post what do you think about this idea? and will you build this hotel?

you don’t have to build on all the servers just tell us on which server u building and people will come or need to pay.

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PILLOW FIIIGHT! Sleepover at my place babes, bring pizza.

Then a giant raid will be established and it would cause a historical event of naked dead people.

I was actually giving this some thought last night and came up with all kinds of problems with it. First and foremost: No one is gonna want to empty out all their crates and lug that stuff back and forth to the hotel EVERY time you want to log out…

You’re right - the hotel idea is **impossible **, there’s no way it could possibly be made to work - so lets just forget it.

I love the hotel idea. I think the game is in need of a common currency to bring it together. Maybe not literal currency but something rare (semi?) and stackable

Really? nobody here wants to make the dream come true? a real player hotel?

okey maybe you right
LETS FORGET ABOUT IT. goodbye :suicide: