What do you think about these?

I just took these screenshots (Forgot to disable net_graph).
Some of them are old.
Please tell me what you think about them and if there is something i can improve.
And as you can see i didn’t add any effects.


I lol’ed at the last pic :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, first of ALL, you need to put Describtive titles when you make threads here mate.
Second, take the Fraps hud off when you take pics.
Third, Your posing seems fine, but you need to work in your faceposing.
Fourth, You need to learn how/when to use blur, you blur rape alot of your pictures.

Good work :smiley:

My eyes kind of teared up with the intense DoF

What he said. Need to use less DoF.

Thanks for the answer. :slight_smile:
Yes I know the title sucks, but I could not think of a good one :confused:
And it’s not the Fraps hud i just forgot to write net_graph 0 (i think) in console.
Yeah i’ll try to make better faceposing, the guy in blue was supposed to look a bit stupid if you refer to him. ^^

I was refering to the others pic :stuck_out_tongue: The last one with Gman, has nice faceposing(I know his face was suppost to look dumb), I ment the Francis pics, or the Bill’s pics, they dont look like they were shooting someone or about to :stuck_out_tongue:



Ohh yeah you’re right. :slight_smile:

Turn the net graph off.