What do you think about this GUI?


So, for the past two weeks I’ve been working on a survival gamemode, and all I’ve got left is to do is the GUI and the weapons.

I’ve been thinking about different design choices and I’ve started with this one. (It’s not finished | There are still missing elements on the right side.)

What do you think about it?

** Any kind of feedback would be great. I don’t necessarily need an extensive reply, with the ratings it’ll be enough. :v: **


  • I’ve noticed that the elements are not centered enough :v:
  • It’s not a HUD, it’s a menu replacing the context menu.
  • New version down below

Is this seriously the final positioning of these? They obstruct your world view way too much.

Also, the inconsistency between Energy/Health bars and the Oxygen/Stamina bars.

It’s not a HUD. It’s a menu replacing the context menu.

I may rethink the stamina and oxygen bars. Btw, the health and energy meters are supposed to be more important than the stamina and oxygen meters.

Thanks for the reply!

I think it’s too spaced out.

I think that I’m going to rethink the whole layout. There are still a lot of elements to put.


Even though I still have a couple of elements missing, this is the reworked GUI.

How about this one?

That looks amazing

Thanks, I’m finally in the right direction.

It amazes me what some people are able to create in this game.

I almost finished it. Hopefully this is the last VGUI update so I can go on and finish the gamemode.

With tooltips to reveal obscured information

Any kind of constructive feedback is appreciated!

Maybe make it taller, so skills fit in more results, so that symptoms may fit more results, so that BODY CONDITION text doesn’t overlap the character image.

If something is 0% make it red instead of black. It looks better in my opinion

Nice job man :smiley:

personally i prefer it when red = severely damaged and black = completely destroyed

also protip: make the body some kind of gradient or pattern, all that solid colour looks fugly as shit

you should reskin the scrollbar to fit with the rest of the theme

I think he wants to do that “later”, hes fixing on the “important” things.

Also, looks beautiful, I hope we can play/test it soon!

Wonderful work!

Thanks for the feedback! Here are my current thoughts:

  • 1st: About the capped part color, at first I was really confused about what color to use. I used black at first, but then I started to use maroon, which one I should use?
  • 2nd: I’ll try to skin the scrollbar, but I haven’t tried so far.
  • 3rd: The colours change gradually, but as legendofrobbo suggested I might edit some textures or put gradients between parts.

I hope that I can finish this soon, I’m so excited!

I feel like the green is a bit too sickly, but maybe that’s just me.

At the time I didn’t know what style to use. My brother suggested something inspired in the Crysis UI so I used this kinda green. I’ll probably make an option to choose colours.