what do you think about this host?

what do you think about this one https://nitrous-networks.com ?
is that good and worth the money?

No and No,

You are much better of getting a VPS, Learning how to set up your own SRCDS server and then do it like that.

You can host multiple servers for a much cheaper price on a vps.


I’ve always used them and have never had any issues at all.

well im already working on my server here and there
i just want to host it when i will finish the server on my comp
and thanks… i dont really know what is vps and stuff (its will be my first time that i will host a server)

edit: can you help me to build a proper vps for 32 slots with surf(deathmatch) gamemode which shouldnt take alot of cpu power

Just get the managed game installs… Unless you’re adding other things like teamspeak or a VOIP server then you should be fine with managed game servers on your VPS.

yea but the thing is i dont know what comp specs to order
just as i said… 32 slots non props gamemode, only guns and ppl(surf)
i mean i can order a single core server or two cores…

That host is awful. Use nfo.