What do you think EP3 will bring to Gmod?

What do you think EP3 will bring to Gmod?

The title says it all. I have read many disussions about this in many different threads so I thought I would make one purely for them. Here’s a list of things I’ve heard disussed:

  • **A new engine: **This tends to be a very debatable topic, many people think a new engine will come with EP3 and Gmod will mount it. Others say that it would be too difficult to mount a new engine without breaking thousands of addons. Personally, I’m not sure.

  • New npcs: With EP3 Valve may make some new npcs for us to have fun with. I guess it will all depend on the storyline, if it is based in the arctic (pretty much a certain) then there may be a large amount of new npcs due to xen wildlife, resistance and combine forces having to adapt to the cold conditions. One major npc we might see may be the Advisor npc. I think most of you agree with me when I say that would be awsome. Personally, I doubt Valve will make one that doesn’t require specific map conditions (like the gunship, needing path_tracks).

  • New maps: This is a certain, the debatable factor in this is the kind of maps we’ll see. Most people are sure we’ll see arctic maps due to the information given about EP3. Many people also believe we’ll see some Borealis maps, I think this is very likely. I’ve also heard mentions of Portal style maps due to the involvement of Aperture Science. I also believe there’s a slight chance of an Overworld map due to the portal technology we may see in EP3 and the fact that the resistance have the coordinates for the Overworld. It would be nice to see some more Valve-made maps in Gmod.

  • **New vehicles: **Valve introduced a new vehicle in EP2 partially due to the change in terrain. There will most likely be a massive change in terrain which may cause the creation of yet another vehicle. I have no idea of what kind of vehicle we could see.

  • The portal gun: Valve may include this in EP3 due to the inclusion of Aperture Science. If it is created for the (possible) new EP3 engine then that may make it possible for Gmod if it were mounted. I’m really not sure about the technical side of this so don’t flame me for creating false hope.

I am very sorry if a thread like this has already been created, I simply could find no such thread. So go ahead and discuss, or not, I just thought it would be a worthwile thing to talk about.

New models.


I hope.

By its current history, more crashes.
(Ep2 is a less stable engine. remember when it came out?)

If you rate me dumb, at least tell me why.

History of the EP3 engine? What? Nice self rate.

Too bad we need to wait to 2011.

At least.

It would be nice to have some mentions of the Aperture Science Enrichment Center in HL2:EP3. And new NPCs and Vehicles would be awesome as well! Addons, not so much. Maps will obviously have to be added(a new game with no new maps? Booo!)

But again,
Aperture Science, New Vehicles, and New NPCS + HL2:EP3 = Win.

I think he was referring to the history of Gmod?

Ah, I forgot to say that an Engine update for GMod would be wonderful! The graphics would look so sweet.

Personally I think it’s going to be a way bigger update than the EP2. Think about how long it’s taking them to show us anything. I think it’s going to be a HUGE update to the Source engine. Better graphics, physics the whole works. Obviously new models and all of that will come with a new game to use in GMod, but the engine upgrade will be huge for GMod. It’ll be exactly the refresh this game needs.

At this point, I think EP3 has evolved into a full-blown sequel. They’ve showed us three pieces of concept art, but those didn’t tell us much we didn’t already know/guess at. My guess is that they’re doing something COMPLETELY different than what we’re expecting, thus they don’t want to show it to us because even one picture would spoil a lot.
As such, I can’t begin to imagine what would be added for GMod, should it update.

It would be nice to have a large engine switch, I agree with you there. But would it not break a vast amount of addons that have been created for the current engine? That would be a massive downside to an engine update. I wonder what kinds of things would be available with an engine update…

Who cares what gets broken? If the creator of an addon is too lazy to fix it, someone else will recreate it.

Better water, please. I don’t mean some dumb dynamic shit, but something as pretty as crysis with physics like GTA4’s water would be nice.

At the point of where the game is, the engine update would be welcomed. Breaking addons would be a small sacrifice for what the update could do for the future of Garry’s Mod.

It’s not like these addons haven’t been broken before either. They can be updated.

I see, thanks for clearing that up, I guess I just thought the addons would have to be remade from scratch. What do you think our chances are of an Advisor npc?

I agree, we must have the combine advisor. And have you considered the possible return of the ichthyosaur? I wonder if they can survive in arctic water…Maybe the portal gun, since there is a link with aperture science (the borealis). Maybe there will be some sort of aperture science AI on board that you fight…that would be another NPC. :slight_smile:

I for one, think that the portal gun would ruin Half Life 2. It was in portal, why bring it to an (Almost) completly unrelated game?

I disagree. I believe that incorporating the portal gun into HL2 would add a whole new level of entertainment to it. Imagine the puzzles Valve could come up with if we have portals at our disposal. Imagine how much more fun combat would become. Another plus side would be the fact that we would almost certainly get it for Gmod.

It’ll be a lot of fun and could be really awesome in the Half-Life universe…if they do it correctly. If they do it wrong, it could indeed ruin the game. I have faith in Valve. I think they’ll do it correctly (if they add end up introducing the portal gun into HL). They have yet to disappoint me (other than the amount of the time it’s taking for some damn media on this game!). HL2 and Portal are not unrelated at all. Technically the portal gun already is a part of the Half-Life universe, since they introduced that quick shot of the Aperture Science facility at the end of EP2.

Exactly. I think that if Valve DID let us have the portal gun in EP3 though, it would be for a short amount of time during the ending chapters, rather like the dark gravity gun (Thats what I call it)


Not really, portal actually takes place during Combine rule. I heard somewhere that during the end or something, you leave the enrichment center or something and come face to face with a combine gunship, which kills you. I don’t know if its true or not though, since I have yet to finish Portal. The Borealis mysteriously turned up in the north. the Combine are clearly determined to reach it, so I have no doubt that it is some kind of portal technology. why else would there be lots of Combine advisors floating around the Borealis in the concept art? But as well as the advisor, I hope for the ichthyosaurs return. Remember those terrifying underwater sections in HL? Imagine what Valve could have them like…