What do you think Garry's Mod 14 will be like?

I can’t think of any more suggestions then what ALL OF YOU are thinking of.

A fully unstable game where you can’t even install a map.

Also there is another thread like this.


Non existent.

If you switch to the dev branch you can get 14.

Source 2


hey guise we should make a rust gamemode in gmod hurrrrr

edit: i actually would like to see the look on garrys face if somebody did this

If I owned rust, I would totally do this. But luckily I don’t so… Yeah.

Garry’s mod stranded is surprisingly close

It just needs more hackers

all the exploits will be fixed by removing the entire game.

This thread AGAIN.

Close but no cigar, those dynamic trees eat fps like a motherfucker (I have a top end computer and even I lag when theres enough of em) and server owners never remember to set their tickrate to 33 so the server starts lagging balls when there’s 10 or more players and all their associated trash lying around the map

gmod stranded + gm_apocolypse = close to rust

It would be rather rusty.

Hopefully on Source Engine 2

With support for portal-like portals

Rusty bullet holes.

Well… I have no idea what will come up, but if it has Unity or it’s nothing like Gmod i’ll literally fucking shit bricks. I hope it has Source 2 and easier posing, less errors and it’s more stable. I could wait for another year to get stable version.