What do you think, if Garry's mod will support Control VR?

Hi, a few days ago i saw the thing called Control VR, which is basically… Full finger tracking. Yeah, i just thought it would be fun if people will do all on their own, plus this new C_models with that HD hands etc, it would be cool if players will be able to fully control their movement in first person, basically manual reloading and just… Punching/flip off simulation.
To the ones who didn’t saw, here is control VR with UDK Demos:

Nice thing, eh? So, thats why i am actually making this little thread, to hear what people think about this, share your thoughts, people :3

(Kids probably will use it in “bad” way >:C)

Full finger tracking? Ohh, naughty.

This is indeed cool and wouldn’t be hard to implement. I personally would do it myself if i had the device.

By naughty you mean 12 year olds fingering a Samus model and then bragging how they did it.


Don’t forget the part where they masturbate to it while doing it.

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I’ll shut up now.

don’t talk about my boobsnbutt renamon model fingering habits that way ;_;

… oh dear

Omnitred + rift + hand motion sensing + in game integration + gmod = crazy shit

imagine welding by pushing boxes together