What do you think needs to be fixed in HL2 roleplay?

Hello, I myself am a big fan of Half-Life 2 Roleplay but most[All] server lack things.
Me and a few other people are working on a script base off Taco scripts idea.

We found the main problem is that there is no much too do. After awhile it just gets boring.

Ideas that we are working on:
We have got some of these just not 100% complete.
On most if not all servers, too become a Rebel, Combine, etc… You have to apply on forums or something like that.

We have got set up on City18 a Rebel area, where there are Rebel NPC setup, they have been scripted to they will only shoot combine [Or if someone else shoots, they shoot back].
In the center of the base there is one NPC [Not a really one] that when you press “E” on it, it will open a small menu asking questions.
eg. “Hello, How can I help you?”
You respond “I’m looking to become a rebel” or “Just looking around?” [You get the point]

Now if you wanted to become a rebel, you have to have the right stats [Using our stat system]
after you have the right stats, it will ask questions, you get them wrong you don’t become a rebel.
We are trying to get it to ask different questions and things [So people cant tell everyone the answers]
Also we are going to make it hard to become a rebel.
We are working on the same kinda idea for civil protection.

Right now, we are looking for more ideas to add.
If you have any, please post.

Of course you have to, it helps to keep track of users, do you imagine the mess you’re going into ?
It’s going to be like tacoscript quiz, you always finally manage to get past it.

This is seriously a no, but maybe you need to see that in action on your server to understand the mess it’s going to be.

I assume you want to do a similar system for the CCA.

Remember that the rebels and the CCA are the two main groups in HL2RP, if you have fail members in these groups, your server / community won’t last long.

Well, I think your wrong, it has been tested and it seems to work fine with people.
Plus, I forgot too add, every time someone joins the rebels, the info gets sent to a admin.
So, it does track users.

I don’t really know what Tacoscript Quiz is?

By hard, I also meant you would have had too play amount of hours.

Then that’s interesting.
Perhaps an ingame VGUI with tabs that displays the list of rebel / cp players ? With infos like the steam ID.

That’s what we intend to have.

We will also have these things that would will be able to look in trash for things.