What do you Think of my Server Hierarchy

So in my server, I want a nice hierarchy to keep everything in check and be able to easily manage permissions and stuff like this. This has to be a final decision, I can’t just keep adding groups and stuff later and a bit at a time, I must do it all at once. So give me your opinion on this hierarchy.

Goes from top to bottom. Least important to most important.

  • Newbie (newbie) ((What you get when you first join the server.))
  • Newbie + (newbieplus) ((Being on the server for 6 hours.))
  • Regular (regular) ((Being on the server for 12 hours.))
  • Dedicated (dedicated) ((Being on the server for 24 hours.))
  • Donator (donator)
  • Donator + (donatorplus)
  • VIP (vip)
  • VIP + (vipplus)
  • Respected (respected)
  • Trusted (trusted)
  • Trial-Op (trialop)
  • Operator (operator)
  • Head-Op (headop)
  • Admin (admin)
  • Head-Admin (headadmin)
  • Head of Staff (headofstaff)
  • Co-Owner (coowner)
  • Owner (superadmin)

Keep in mind that I do not change any of the usual ULX groups as to not disturb the system. And is this no way to advertise my server, I just want to get opinions.

Is this a build server?

That’s a lot of ranks. I have three: “User”, “Admin”, “Superadmin”.

This is a DarkRP server, but I want to have variety. 5$ for Donator, 10 for Donator +, 15 for VIP, 20 for VIP +, and 30 for Respected. Trusted are people who I know personally and who aren’t very good at being staff. x3 You know, people who I trust.

If you were to have 1 person from each rank on the server at any given time, you’d have 18 people with differing roles which can easily get quite confusing. Having intermediary roles like Head-op, head-admin, and head-of-staff seem a bit much and are likely unnecessary.

I’d recommend just pruning a few of the ranks and only adding head of roles as they are necessary. You wont have an admin staff of 20+ people right when you start.

So what if I take out Head-Op, Head-Admin, and Co-Owner? Then just keep Head of Staff to control the staff?

How about user,admin,superadmin

[sp]Like any good server[/sp]

I need donator ranks. I’m gonna have a lot of jobs and entities that should only be restricted to certain people–i.e. donators. And plus I can’t just give away staff membership like that. People need to be tested which is why for the Trial-Op and then they need to prove they can do a good job. And if I have friends as staff, most likely they’ll fool around.

Its too many

Head op and head admin are not needed, also why not put the co-owner and head of staff under superadmin with their own tag?

Also fuck all the timed stuff, just leave the newbies as users

This is ridiculous.

The main annoyance is if their donation system hooks into ulx to provide stuff then you need dedicated group(s)

That’s a pretty good idea, but I’m not sure how to put the Co-Owner and Head of Staff under superadmin with different tags. Mostly because superadmin is one group in itself. I don’t want them to have certain permissions. And the only reason for the time thing is that it helps with recruiting staff members for the server. And it gives a reason to be able to use Auto Promote. But I get what you’re saying, I might just take those off.

Head of staff and etc don’t need to be individually tagged, put it under Superadmin. They can just say they are head of staff.
You are going far overboard with the paid stuff, one paid thing or non at all. It looks like you are just after $$$$

Well, I like to have separate groups. If I put those people on superadmin, they’ll be able to do permissions I don’t want them to. As for the paid thing; some people like variety they can choose from. And 5 dollars being the cheapest, meaning a lot of people can get it easily. Plus I’m gonna have a lot of jobs, and some of them I don’t just wanna give away. And printers and such. As well as prop and tool privileges.

Head-Admin and Head of Staff? The fuck’s the difference?
There are too many. Just have three, it’s not very difficult.

user, trusted/mod, admin, superadmin, owner


There. Don’t make people pay out of their asses for ranks.

no one uses operator anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

Shut down your server, delete all files, throw your PC out of the window and never think about hosting a BullshitRP server ever again please, even if your parents buy you a server machine.

Also, someone who plays for just 24h on your server is considered “dedicated”? Hell, according to that logic I must be an owner-in-law on Cre8ive then.

With that logic i should be the community owner of the community i play the hell out of

I repurposed it on my old sandbox to be the “friend” usergroup

then that usergroup just became “well you’ve been on the server for a while and i like you” :v: