What do you think of these maps?

Well i’m thinking of doing a few things with my friend soon and if it ends up well we’ll go on with the idea but first, I need some opinions from you guys. If you have played LightRP then you may vote if not then please don’t bother to vote.

Which of these classic RP maps are the best, why, and a few other things that will help me out.

  1. rp_Hometown1999
  2. rp_Oviscity_b3
  3. rp_Cscdesert
  4. rp_omgcity
  5. other (if you chose this then just give me the name)

Format to vote:

Vote: <instert # here> (This will let me know which map you like)
Why: <insert reason here> (This will let me know why)
How long have you been playing Gmod?: (This will give me some info on which maps you like depending on how long you’ve played)

(i’m probably gonna get banned for this :slight_smile: )
You can also give me a few other things like your name, birth date, and social security number… that would be nice… nah JK.
/me looks around and hopes that no admin or moderator is reading this.

This will stay up for the next 2-3 days after that I will count up everything and we’ll see what happens next depending on the outcome.

Thank you for all those who helped me out to find the downloads of these maps. Some credit goes to those who helped me in this thread:

CscDesert FTW.


One of the best maps ever :slight_smile:

3.THE MOST AMAZING RP MAP OF ALL THE TIME/caps for the awesomeness
4.Friggin awesome

alright so that makes cscdesert the best…

Alright the reason why i’m doing all of this is so that my friend and I MIGHT start up a Light RP server on one or possibly all of these maps. The server will run for 1-2 days on Friday-Saturday I think and we just wanted to see what you guys would say in another thread which I will make later today… The map so far will start off with cscdesert then maybe hometown if we change then oviscity then omgcity… that’s how I would do it. I was also thinking of bringing in a few custom models/props from other modern maps soooo… if ya guys wanna it’ll be fun.;

While I won’t be able to join the following weekend, if it succeeds I’ll be sure to check it out in the next couple weeks.

Alright sweet… so so far people like the Idea… And i’m sorry you couldn’t join… From what you’ve posted. it seemed like you would have liked it.



I still wish people played it… I think its just in a Old Maps Home… Not Dead Yet

Vote: rp_Oviscity_b3
Why: Used to play it in Digital Soul RP (back in gmod9)
How long have you been playing Gmod?: Beginning of gmod9

Vote: RP_Cscdesert
Why: These map is one kick ass map, It’s a large, open desert with abandoned cities, vaults and a petrol station, I would recommend this for a sort of Wasteland/Atomic/Fallout Roleplay gamemode.