What do you think of this hacking gamemode idea that meant to teach people how to code(a little)?

GHack Gamemode

What is my idea?
I know this is gonna sound retarded, but I wanted to make a fun game mode based around hacking and helping players learn the basis of coding. The way it would work is instead of typing actual code the players would deal with chips or nodes that they simply plugin to guns or certain entities to get different effects. If they get something wrong it wouldn’t tell them until they got into he game-play and their weapon or entity starts acting weird.

How the game plays:
When you first load into the game it will be a really watered down version of a unix console. (Obviously it will have the command help on there and it will show the player what commands to do to start hacking a server.)

Each player will be given a virtual computer that is thiers while they are playing.

Internet: Default 56k || This determines your run speed
Software: Default Mcafee || This determines your amount of shield energy and also your chance for someone hacking you
Hardrive: Default 50 gb || This determines your ingame HP
CPU: Default 300 mhz || This ijncrease your chance of hacking into other players
RAM: Default 192 MB DDR1 || This determines your amount of hp you regenerate over time
Cash: Default 0 || This is the amount of money you have. (It can be used to buy better hardware.)

What I was thinking was if you type in a command like ‘connect’ it would pop up a panel that looks exactly like the gmod server browser but it will have a bunch of fake servers on it. You can connect to certain ones for different game-modes.

As your playing players will drop programs(guns), chips, and other types of data on death. You can collect these to plug into your own programs or guns to customize how the guns fires and does damage. So stuff is not overpowered each gun will have a different variance of the max amount of memory that can be loaded onto the gun. The better the chip the more memory. Since we want something for the idiots the chips or nodes will simply be simple things like a variable, a loop that could be sued to multiply a variable or a function.


What I mean by this is if you die or get infected in the game your system can become more and more corrupt, if you do not manage it with software. Eventually it could get tot he point were you need to format your in-game computer(not your irl one the gamemodes computer.)

I was thinking about making the gamemodes based off of gamemodes we have right now in garrys mod.

Basically you could attack a darkrp server and it be a team based hacking effort to try and crack something like the rcon password. If you succeed you’d kick the owner out of his server(figuratively this isn’t a actual server) and become the server owners and rack in all of the dona tor cash.

For the map I wanted it just be this one big map with snippets taken out of other maps to simulate you actually joining other servers. Obviously this can’t be like some huge map it be a really small cutout of maps.

So if you invade darkrp you’d spawn in a small portion of the darkrp map.

**Abilities: **
Since this is a hacking game there will be different types of attacks that can be done to different players

• Bot - Allows you to use someones system to attack other systems
• Worms - These will fill and or corrupt up your hard-drive on the system messing with your hp
• Trojans - This will corrupt data and programs and in general f up a random application whether it be the whole system, antivirus, or your weapo
• Malware - This will steal money from other players account
• (May or may not add this in as likle the somewhat ultimate thing) VacBan - Allows you to vacban the player permantly form said server
• R.A.T. - This allows you to take full contorl of the player you’ve infected. (As of right now im thinking of making the player turn on his teammates)

• Man in the middle attack - This allows you to intercept attacks and redirect them
• DOS - Attack a player with your own internet and slow them down (This will be good depending on your internet speed)
• DDOS (MUST HAVE BOTS TO USE) -Allows you to use your bots to effectively ddos one person and freeze their system
• Sniffer ( May not add this in ) - Allows you to see what is own a system before you attack it

Even if I can’t teach anyone anything with this I think it will still be a fun gamemode. Yea I know I am giving players way to much credit than what they have.

Tell me what you think about this idea. I just wanted to know if you guys thought it was worth it before I began coding on this.

It sounds more like an annoying game you get forced to play in school to make you learn than a gamemode.

How so?

Sorry if I explained things horribly. The game isn’t gonna be text based or anything. When you connect to a server its gonna be like an actual game.

I honestly think this gamemode would be cool.

I mean, it will take some time and needs some money to be put into it.

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I will actully start working on it now! :quagmire: Im sort of excited on finally making a singleplayer gamemode. I will also probably dismiss the Chip idea.

Why money? I am coding it myself xD.

ohhhhhhhhh, I thought you were giving idea’s for others to work on it…

Damn, I’ve started on it already… Oh well :frowning:

I was actually more then likely just gonna release it to the public , because I wanted to help get gmod out of its current state.

I didn’t start on it cause I was afraid of spending a load of time creating it only for the gmod community to stick in darkrp constantly. Not saying want my game to like take over I just want people to actually play on it not stay at the bottom of the server browser collecting dust.

I don’t know how that idea will go on a multiplayer server?

I think it will be better if it was singleplayer.

Wait, so has this been developed, or is it being developed, and you’re attempting to get ideas for it?

Either way I’d play it, sounds like a really good idea, I think you’ve covered the basics of hacking.

Anything that will make me forget about DarkRP is a good gamemode.