What do you think of this idea for a SAVE or map

im making a roleplaying map on “gm_Buttes” but not only that i also am adding a zombie survival in the underground tunnels. im thinking of having a series. i have a BETA version out right now its at http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=74936 … im planing on having zombies respone outside of the fort on the next 1 and stop the roleplaying. tell me wut u think and give ideas plz.

Do not use other people’s work without their approval. (If you are doing it for a map) For the save, the idea seems rather pointless and stupid.

k ty 4 the reply…It is deleted cuz the zombies were frozen… wut would u thing of a map as a big fort and zombies attack and they climb the walls…( i found out how 2 make them climb walls!!!)