What do you think.

Hello guys, I have been requested to make a gamemode.

Here is the story :

In 2010, Nasa has discovered a small meteor with size of a ball, Which was moving very fast to earth.
In 2011 The meteor has fallen on the earth, It Was take exactly to the area 51’s sientists.
They discovered a strange piece of life in it.
After a year of experiments, Scientist had lost control of this life formula.
It had exploded in the size of nuclear explosion. But there was no radiation.
In 2012, The strange Gas-type mass crossed the world. Everyone who would brieth that thing whould die, or even worst, Turn into mutants (NOT ZOMBIE) Like: Mouses, Dogs, Cats, Of Course humans. in 2013. The 98% of humans have died, or turned into mutants.
The last pieces of life were hiding in siberia (btw That siberia village is called Malinovka)
They are hiding underground. Some of them will be traiders for you. Some of them will give quests and etc.
You are: A survivor that should survive the winter in siberia.
You will always need to put on gas mask then you going out.
You will be able to kill those mutants. And find a good stuff and items.

This virus makes people some kind of mutants.
You are one of the few survivers left on our planet.
People are working on a cure in a little town in russia.
As soon as you had heard this news you traveled to this town.
The survivers moved to an underground complex.

This gamemode would be a role play gamemode but I’m interested in your opinions and ideas.
There would be crafting in the gamemode and most of these survivors would be some kind of vendor.
Plus you could find items and weapons in the city as well.
My friend who request this gamemode says that these mutants should be almost invisible and you could only seem them well if you bought some special equipments.

So, what do you think?

I’d focus on aspects of how gameplay first, rather than story. If it’s RP, how do you intend for it to play out? Combat based, or “talker”? (like HL2RP) Are mutants other players, or are they NPCs? If the Mutants are invisible unless seen, wouldn’t you be constantly killed since you can’t fight back?

I think you’re talking about a STALKER gamemode mixed with Sandbox. That actually already exists, and the gamemode is called Radiation Sandbox. The SVN is around here somewhere and has everything you wanted to have, and since it’s mostly complete, you’ll have no problems adding anything extra if you know sufficent Lua. It has Admin placed containers that have randomly spawned loot, gear that allows you to use radars or survive radiation, NPC mutants that drop loot, and a ton of other aspects. You should be able to do the rest on your own.

Just look up Radiation Sandbox, or Radbox, on FP.

Hello There! Im The Person who invited “runamagic” To make this mod. I Saw your reply. Well i don’t agree with you. First of all I’m Not talking about “STALKER Gamemode mixed with Sandbox”
Its very different, It will be, What SURVIVAL stand for.
I See you want some detail information about gameplay. Well, You start in the deadlocked underground base. There are people which you can talk/trade/take quests. You can stay in the underground to train on aiming targets, or go outside with gasmask on. You need to be sure that you have enought filters. If your filter will polish, you will die very fast. That means you need to change them every 10 minutes. I Believe there will be a hud bar that will show you state of gasmask/filter.
Now About NPC and equipment. Well the mutants will be NPC. There will be several types of mutants, Like: Mutated humans, Mutated animals, Or specialized mutants “ghosts” Which can be only seen with special equipment (Special goggles).
We will also introduce a revolutional Land ownage system. It will save the houses bought, and also you will be able to upgrade your land, like: Build house, build farm, add furniture and stuff like that. The houses will have specialized oxygen thingys that will allow you to brief inside the house.

All that mean that this gamemode will have some strategy aspects.

Im lazy to tell you more.