What do you think?

Hay guys I started makeing Gmod videos about a month and a half ago and it has just come to mind, what do you guys think of them! So please go check em out I love to here what people think :smiley:

Here they are

They’re pretty funny. But I’ll have to rate you bad spelling.

“Spy is haveing problems!”

oops lol ill change that thanks :slight_smile:

They are actually pretty awesome :smiley:

Thanks :smiley:

After the first video I subscribed! I already love your videos.
What do you use to edit them?

Sony vagas its great :smiley:

Very nice videos, the idea of the last one was poor though i have to admit.

well it was my first ever video

Check your pm’s

Haha, these are epic :smiley:

lol thanks man :smiley:

I ticked Yes and No :smug:


Also very nice

I’m surprised. I expected shit in a basket and I got gold in a bathtub.
Great work boy.

Oh, and just a tip for future video posting:
Type [noparse]
[/media][/noparse] around your video link to make a mini-player, so…

wow thanks :smiley: for both halfs!



That was epic when the cashier (scout) said “$400,000” and the heavy responded with his grunty “NO.”

Lol the last video. SHUT UP GRANDMA!


Demo record :smiley: