What do you think?

Hello I’m thinking of buying 2 game servers (not sure which hosting yet, suggestions are welome) and U THINK I’m going to run two gamemodes.

One of which is going to be a Vanilla sandbox which has no extra addons or models just using your imagination to create some imaginative things.

The other I’m going to make a passive role-play gmod9 style gamemode. (more details later)

What do you think of the ideas? would you play? what addons (if any) should I add to the servers?

all help is appreciated!

Use xenon servers. Also Im not sure if people would play vanilla any more, there are alot of servers covering it.

I think you are more likely to get more people in if you have the PHX pack though. Most people seem to come into Vanilla servers, find they don’t have PHX, then leave.
But thats up to you. :slight_smile: There are still lots of people who use Vanilla stuff.