What do you use as map filler?

Whether it’s an RP map, a fortwars map, a general “just to be there” map, there are usually some empty spaces. These look unsightly on a map, and they make the creator look like a newbie to mapping, so you try to fill them in. What do you use? I have only tried making RP maps, and whenever I have an empty space, I try to make a small building, a hill or some sort of fitting prop_static to fill it.

A dumpster, a bike near it, and a bottle of beer on the ground.

If it’s inside a building, trash decals, trash bags, garbage like bottles, cans, detergent, etc.

Outside, I use trees, rocks, power wires, unenterable but good looking buildings.

Just add details. Props and Overlays you think might help add some atmosphere to the map.

I will include the Gman no matter what in any HL2 map I make. But for details, if it’s interior I’ll use bottles, pots, pans, chairs and crates. For exterior I’ll use benches, dumpsters, those trash decals, and anything else that will fill out the space without looking obtrusive and without physically hindering the player.

Detail sprites, leaves/ trash/ dirt overlays, junk models.

I make giant penises out of displacements.

Pipes. Lots of pipes.


use crates. tables. decals.

Depends on what kind of map it is. If it is a deathmatch, I would put a weapon there (so to get to it you would need to run out into the open)

If it is a Counter Strike map, I would put anything from a bush to a small gutter.

It entirly depends on how bigger space you are talking about, what kind of map it is, and what theme you are going with. There is no real “correct” answer.