What Do You Want In A Role-Play Game-Mode?

Just curious might take some ideas and make them reality, if I can, I am at amazing at Lua.
So post some features Role-Play Gamemodes should have…

Banking System
Money System

Be more descriptive then that tough, put what kind of stats… What kind of Bank, etc…

What I have so far:

P.S. I have kind of started making my GWC WIP into a more RPish warfare game-mode.


Well, Nathien, the first thing I’d like to see is people not making any more RP gamemodes. We don’t need more, and everyone seems to be wanting to make their own RP gamemodes all the time.

And quite frankly, you’re not a good Lua coder. Your earlier threads and posts show that not only are you terrible at Lua, but you’re extremely immature and not a person I’d like to see take on a RP gamemode project since you’d probably just try to steal code and end up fucking it all up.

As for your examples: keep this in mind, the RP gamemode doesn’t define the quality of RP, the players do.


A Jocken is a wise man.

Depending on the audience you are aiming the RP at, it can vary.

Most people want; goals (such as cars, houses), they want to be different (unique role in the server)

Perp became popular because they have goals, and you can be different by having skill points to make different stuff.



Don’t ever have stats, they’re so completely unneccesary.

In a gamemode i mainly look for realistic they’ve managed to make it, like on most RP servers:

Gun Dealers:
There about 3 gun dealers and the prices of the guns are too low, everyone ends up with guns and just rdm’s like mad. Also every single class can buy guns in one way or another which creates no business for gun dealers.

Drug Dealers:
Nobody buys drugs, and if they do they buy one lot and dont touch the stuff again, it would be good if you could import it where if you try it once, you become addicted and if you dont take that certain drug again you start to become ill. This will create more business for Drug Dealers.

Money is a big part in RP and on most servers it is so easy to make, you buy a money printer and sit in a room and just collect money for fun, which is terrible, because nobody needs to work for anything and job roles just get forgotten about.

That is my input, hope it helped.


And I don’t really think RP benefits much from having stats involved. Especially the systems where you can make your character into the Flash by just running back and forth for a long time.

A new rp gamemode doesn’t hurt Jocken…
I don’t know anything about Nathien and his coding background, so maybe he was terrible before. But that doesn’t mean he still sucks. And he doesn’t seem to be immature or anything. PEOPLE CAN CHANGE. Yes, I used caps.
Anyway, if you actually want to carry this out Nathien, I would be glad (if the gamemode turns out to be a sucess ofc). Remember to take on peoples suggestions! What I like mostly so far from their comments is:
No money printers (johnson’s idea)
No stats (remove the ability to see what job people are, just who is on the server, like a normal stats)
Goals (Rogi’s idea)
As for my suggestions… I will wait for something great! :wink:

I honestly didn’t know what roleplaying was about until I actually spent some time with some people and roleplayed.

It’s basically like an online version of elementary school recess for me, we were just so into our roles that we’ve forgotten that everything was imaginary and that it was just a game.

It was pretty fun, with the right people.

Here’s my idea of what makes a good roleplay:
Fitting props,
The right people.

All DarkRP is, is just Sandbox with a shitty HUD.

It doesn’t matter how great a lua coder is, you just can’t program good friends, and generally good people, unless you’re into that kind of thing.

Just one week ago:
Such a great coder right there.

And what about his other ‘great’ RP projects, then? You know, the ones he stole a buttload of code to make, then gave up after about a week and moved on to the next RP project?


Do I need to say more about both his RP and coding background? I doubt he has changed all that much in a matter of weeks.
The thing with Nathien is that he always responds immaturely, and makes himself seem like he’s younger than 12 (which I don’t doubt he is).

And as for a new RP gamemode not hurting, my point was all Lua newbies wanna jump straight to an RP gamemode rather than starting with something simple and not overused.

Ok Jocken, you seem to know more about him than I, so I will pull back my defense for him and trust you. :slight_smile: