What do you want in a Roleplaying gamemode?

A couple of my close friends and I are making a roleplaying mod. We have the very basics down but not much else.

 We really want to know what YOU want in a RolePlaying gamemode. We're going to base this gamemode based on you. 

Please respond with what you would like in a RolePlaying gamemode, anything you think would be cool to be in a gamemode, POST IT, PLEASE!

                     Anyways, thanks for reading and we hope you post!

No Physgun
No Toolgun
No Propspawning
No 5 trillion fucking gun dealers
No battering ram with endless power
No weapons in public
No illegal weapons to not be enforced arrest

Yes picklock
Yes drugmod

Gamershaze, two of these topics already exist in the Roleplaying forum.

Both were moved from this section, though, and I really would like to have one here, too :stuck_out_tongue:

Is it going to be based from DarkRP? If so then most of these suggestions will apply. If not then you can ignore the ones that don’t.

I’d like something like AmpGaming.net’s RP but not so super serial and limited

Also, I’d like a gun dealer that can spawn stuff other than CS:S weapons, maybe half life 2/half life weapons (not any of the experimental weapons such as the lambda gun or the tau cannon, or alien weapons).

A Police gun dealer would be good, a standard stun baton, no hunger mods.

Gangsters that spawn with weapons (I assume it’s going to be something like DarkRP)

An inventor with the ability to upgrade specifics, like a sniper scope on an AK47 or something.

Money printers that don’t explode.

Physgun and toolgun ONLY allowed to players who prove themselves to not be a douche and who will use them for RP purposes (btw i saw on one server some guy had a fight ring, shit was hilarious, so ENCOURAGE that sort of behaviour)

Admins that are fun people! Not STOP RIGHT THERE CRIMINAL SCUM NOBODY HAS FUN ON MY WATCH RAGHAHGAHG. Also, if players are getting bored (probably evident by random deathmatching or messing around) then encourage them to speak up about why they are bored and take steps to solve it OR just have fun by deathmatching, set up something with structure and where they’re allowed to generate weapons and collect ammo before they deathmatch.

Of course you’ll have times where people are random deathmatching, so no New Life Rule if someone does it over 9000 times and it gets to be annoying.

Items that stay with you when you log out

A sort of job path system, you start out as a citizen and then you can go into being a guns smuggler and such, by buying “permits” or “access”.

Some map-changing once in a while (seriously playing on rp_downtown_v2 all the goddamn time gets boring.)

Personally, I’d like

An inventory system (small or large)
Real life-like items (Maybe even a TV, stuff like that)
I second the “inventor” class, that can upgrade things
I want upgradeable ITEMS!! (not just weapons!)
Maybe some CSS weapons, they’re realistic (as in REAL GUNS), but add in some other real guns
Genders! I hate walking in a city of men!
Vending machines? Maybe you could make it dispense guns?
I want to own a house. I grow weary of all the homeless mayors.
New Life Rule, but if someone RDMs with a couch, that doesn’t count. It has to be a sort of organized crime, not sprinting down the street shooting pedestrians.
Drugs, but built into the game. I don’t like durgzmod.
A gun license! Pistols are legal, but if someone has a para, the can camp down the road with some cover and take down cops.
Classes that do their jobs. For example, a cop should have slightly extended health or a small health kit. Medics should automatically charge, so you use health wisely.

  1. Inventory System and loads of interactive stuff to buy

  2. You can get everyjob you want whit out Voting

  3. ^^ Demote system

  4. Loads of interactive and good jobs so at Max players can be putted in 30

  5. If you people Model stuff whithin Scripting, you got to make Build able guns (Inster Silencer …)

  6. No house taxes, They annoy people, Example: “Hehey! Today im going to buy myself a New television! Hooray! House tax Aw… Now i have to wait another 20 minutes …”

  7. You can have Psyh Gun, But if you spam props infront of a spawn point so at no body can’t get out, There will be a Ban from using Physgun Vote mod.

  8. Voteban

  9. Long chat distance, Its annoying when your saying something long and your stupid friend goes away from the area you can speak

  10. Do not Display people who can hear you, Because it can be used to check is anyone home when robbing a house

  11. No minge jobs like “hooker” or “Bum”

  12. Good job Descriptions, No anything like at your mission is to Boom mayor head and Lolz.

  13. Laws and Rules

  14. Your characther can Faint from a Bullet

  15. If you fall from high, Your lowers for 10 seconds

  16. Everything that your job tells what you have to do, Spawns whit you. If your a Gangster whit out money, How can you buy weapons?

  17. If you kill a guy, You must inster a reason in 10 minutes. If the guy who says a reason puts there “I hate that guy” he will be automaticly Banned.

Thats it. If you put some more stuff whit this, Your RP mod will be Best.

  1. No minging/micspam/etc.
  2. Votekick/voteban
  3. Autokick people who are just DMing or attempting to dominate
  4. A tool for disabling the spawning of ANYTHING within a building you own (can’t own more than 1 large building, or 2 medium or small buildings.
  5. When it comes to weapons: KNIVES AND PISTOLS ONLY. And gun licenses should be the only legal way to get a gun; you CAN use one without a license but it’s illegal.
  6. Disable the dropping of all stun sticks.
  7. The police should require the mayor’s approval on EVERYTHING
  8. Moar voting systems!
  9. You can’t run for mayor/police/etc. more than 2 times an hour.
  10. Uhm…better money system? The ability to do odd jobs for money? Having to pay per prop?

Yeah, let’s call it BoreRP!

Seriously, though, if you’re gonna ruin gamemodes, make one yourself and ruin that one!

Scratch all the “no”-parts.

Alot of gundealers are needed, why?
Because then the minges are outnumbered.

Propspawning is needed too, why?
Because people like to roleplay having a home, I’m guessing Afnopo dosn’t want any propspawning on behalf of that he’s obviously an admin.

Toolgun should be buyable, nobody knows instantly how to do airodynamical engineering, or hydraulic installations, so there ought to be an “academic” class to get it from, can’t be too cheap though, just like a real engineering degree. Also, might wanna find a way to somehow prohibit the bad tools, though.

Vehicles are needed, they may be stolen, expensive, and run over people, but they do that in reality too, only there you can’t respawn in ten seconds.

Development of roleplaying requires a free enviroment, and even though it may be a risk, it’s important.

If people can’t handle that, get some administrators that knows what they’re doing.

Without the gundealers, the minges get no guns!

Prop spawning should be there, yeah. But the limit should be low, around 20.

Buyable toolgun? Oh god, fail.

And why would academic people sell that kinda stuff, anyway? They’re exactly the people who don’t know how to do aerodynamical engineering or hydraulic installations, the people who know how to do that stuff are called engineers.
Unless I’m using the wrong terminology and just fail.

You didn’t provide a reason why vehicles are needed. Why are they needed?