What do you want in an RP server?


My name is Xenoyia. I am the owner of xP// Gaming and soon we’re going to be getting an RP server. However, instead of using one of the overused RP gamemodes already up for download, i’m going to be attempting to script a custom private one under the codename “Project XRP”.

What I need to know is, what do you want from an RP server? any features that aren’t in any other RP servers that should be in this one?

Thanks in advance.

Hey, Xenoyia.

I like jobs that make logical sense, without all of them having some form of guns. Things like “Hitman” or “Guard” should be happily avoided.

Guns should be reasonably rare, maybe only possible to get if you’re some form of law enforcement/gun dealer. Guns should also cost a pretty penny so that it’s at least somewhat hard to obtain them.

Jobs that require decent roleplay to do are nice, like a bartender or something. Players shouldn’t always be relying on the script to RP.

My opinions are probably outdated since I haven’t played much RP for a good year or so, but I hope this helps.


I like those ideas. I’ll keep them in mind during the scripting :v:

I was thinking of a job along the lines of “Medic”. Say someone dies, a Medic is alerted to assist and if the medic doesn’t get to the player in a certain amount of time, the Medic loses money/karma*. If the medic gets to the player and heals him/her, the player will be revived and the medic will gain money/karma*. During this time the player cannot respawn, so it will only last about 15-25 seconds. Medics can also heal hurt players for a price, say $1 for every 1hp healed.

  • = I was thinking about a “karma” system, so if you kill someone/fail doing your job correctly you lose karma. Too much bad karma will get you kicked(?).

Also, for the Police job, maybe if someone is killed/RDM’d in front of someone else the police are alerted and the killer is wanted. If there was no-one around during the killing, nobody knows but the medics who get alerted. I’m not sure.

Could you script it so that the player who witnesses it has like a popup asking if they’d like to alert the cops? What you suggested sounds like it’d make group gangster activities a bit hard :v:

That sounds pretty good. Maybe i’d do the same for the medics, so if it’s witnessed they have the chance to alert the paramedics.

For the Karma system, how about a demotion instead with cooldown until you can take on another job? That way it’ll be a longer lasting punishment instead of just having to rejoin.

That sounds pretty good too. Thanks.

Decent admins who are willing to talk. I was once a city official with someone who was robbing a bank, when he went into the vault I quickly closed and locked the door and got banned for “fail rp”. I tried to send him messages but he wouldn’t respond to anything.

Something unique never created properly before like Medieval RP.

make it so people with vendor jobs actually sell stuff and not just stay in their house all day and do nothing

They have to sell stuff to make money?

It would be kicking rad if you had to pay bills if you owned a house or apartment.
That would ensure no one just sat in their home, even while being a vendor.

You know how to remedy this? Vendor jobs get completely shit paydays, so they have to actually do their job to make money.

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Then people would just set up random shit in some secluded location

i meant that other players never buy stuff from vendors (in my experience)

I’d love to see a decent western RP server

Here’s some pretty simple suggestions, these seem like common sense to me.
-No “new life rule”, this only encourages RDM while allowing the person who’s RDMing to continue.
-Anyone can votekick/voteban. No having to donate, no having to join a community, etc. If there’s a griefer, easy, people on the server can handle it, instead of having to wait on an admin or something. Making it so only people with "VIP"status can do it only makes the server easier to grief.

Hope that helps.

How about this:

No jobs. You heard me. This limits people to only roleplaying the way the game is letting them. RPs should focus a lot on the characters themselves. It’s better for the people themselves to decide who and what their characters are.

Find a theme or story that encourages fun passive roleplay. When people don’t have anything to do actively, a good themed RP encourages conversation. For example, if your RP is in a, say, a post-apocalyptic setting, players will want to talk to others because they have a slight sense of role (AKA they get to talk about the goings-on in their world instead of “give me guns”.)

Make it so that you can whisper, shout, etc. And make sure you have seperate IC and OOC chats. No one likes to roleplay in the chat box when they see other people having OOC conversations. Also, make sure the people who can see/hear a person talking in IC chat must be at certain distance. This can somewhat prevent metagaming over the IC channel.

Make weapons hard to obtain, for the Maker’s sake. No one likes seeing an 8-year old kid getting a gun and shooting up the place just because he bought it for $100 dollars. Eventually this will weed out the common dummy from your server.

Basically, take precautions so the player base can’t run rampant and/or stupid. The player base is the absolute most important factor in a quality RP server. You must encourage good roleplay and “make-believe” in the server.

Inspired by NecropolisRP because it’s the only server out there right now that seems to be doing it right. The GMod community deserves better RP.

I think the reason why this idea hasn’t really caught on, although even DarkRP has this possibility, is that some people just aren’t creative enough to come up with a character all by themselves, or don’t believe that a character they came up will be up to the community’s standards, so they stick to what the gamemode feeds them.

That’s not the point of it. It really should be called the “new character rule”; each life you play should be a different character.

Have a Bank system. Like an atm some where on the map and not a banker job.

I just really dislike jobs. They turn characters into empty shells, making their players think that it is all they are supposed to do and nothing more. It eliminates nearly all personality in a character because all they’re doing is “im a gun deelur i sell gunz” or “r u a ganstr cuz im a cop and i crak dwn on the gangs lol.” When it comes to RP no one is supposed to rely on the gamemode to make their decisions. Isn’t roleplay supposed to be closer to storytelling than an actual game? That’s why I love it so much.

And if people are having a hard time making a character, they should start out simple. My first character in a serious RP server started out as a stereotypical “shy guy” personality. I fleshed him out as I went along.

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