What do you want in "Serious Roleplay"

What do you want to see in serious roleplay?

Throw me idea of what you would like.
(Please no silly ideas.)

No guns.

Or at least, pistols only, no heavy weapons.

And that includes cops.

As little use of non-HL2 models as possible. I know a lot of people that don’t have CS:S and don’t like downloading model packs.

If there’s guns, I prefer to see them be only the weaker HL2 guns. The Pistol, SMG1 and Shotgun are not too powerful, but still let people have weapons.

guns that are extremely overpriced.

seriously. Or make it so they need a gun license, or something.

I mean, let people have guns, but don’t make it so you can buy guns for $150 immediately when you join the server.

Make sure that people can’t farm money while they afk.

that includes druglabs, moneyprinters, and any other ways to fuck with money.

People shouldn’t have 300k in 2 hours of gameplay.

Right now, the weapons I am using are very overpriced and weak.

They are very good ideas. People shouldn’t be able to make that much money.

Anyone Ideas away from guns?

Drug Labs that produce a drug item so people have to work for the money instead of sitting in a fucking corner.

We have a marijuana plant which starts off in a pot and you have to grow it and feed it water.

Personally, I liked the generic drug DarkRP and GmodRP have. If you want it to be something else, you can RP that it’s a different drug.

As long as there’s not a huge amount of them, I’m actually fine with some specific drugs.