What do you want to see in an Assmod Update?

Okay, Assmod seems to have been neglected for quite a while and various things around the mod could be cleaned up and restored to working order.

I am looking for feedback since everyone seems to say that there are exploits, backdoors and major bugs in Assmod, if you know anything about this please feel free to post it because as far as I know in my uploaded version it does not exist.

What simplistic features would you like to see added? I’ll fix stuff, make new plugins or add some new features but I am not going to majorly recode anything. I will not make custom ranks or something like that.

I am planning to do the following,

Fix the banlist not loading properly on server start with Assmod.
Add a few more well needed plugins like mute and voice mute.
Add silkicons to all of the default plugins.
Correct players rank being initialized clientside as 0.
Removal of the “Banned” rank which in general just causes problems and is unused.
Addition of the Server Owner rank to all menus.
Add a button to reset all of the Rcon commands and Ban/Kick reasons.

For people who still do not know what Assmod is the proper version here is the download.


A menu that is toggled

chat commands