What do you want?

Hi there I have a few idea’s about what I would like to create next but i’m not the only one playing it. What are your guys idea’s?

Idea’s I’m Not Gonna Do So Don’t Ask


not rp?

Laser Race, similar to the gamemode Laser Dance, you’ll have a gun that fires a laser and sends you flying backwards. However your goal is to make it around a track as quickly as possible. The track will have check points you must pass through, like any racing game. The laser gun should still be allowed to kill, and players who are killed will spawn at the last check point they reached, and their time will start at the time they had when they reached that checkpoint.

I’m liking the race idea but the laser guns wouldn’t work well. Iv had trouble with quick player moments before.

Multiplayer Lightcycle race… All the parts are pretty much out there, Wouldn’t take a genius to make a couple of good, flat maps. But having the bikes create a permanent laser wall behind them as they go through the course, so that you have to be careful about doubling back (or use it strategically to lock your opponent into a death spiral). I used to spend HOURS playing an 8 bit game that was literally nothing but a couple of pixels for your bike, with a top-down view, mastering the art of doubling back on myself, just to turn RIGHT NEXT to the wall that I’d made, or creating other (more devious) traps for the computer/human opponents. Simple, old game, but even now I’d play the hell out of it. (It was for the Amiga 1000, lol)

I dont know quite how i would do a laser wall.

Would you think top down or FPS view would be best?

This is what tron is! I played a flash game like that just the other day its really fun lol I kept crashing into walls because I didnt turn in time. If you could do something like the tron legacy lightcycle race or arena it would be very fun! There are already some maps you could use (kind of basic) and I think there is a mod somewhere that is a trail and if you crash into it then you die or what ever hits it gets removed or something which would work. I dont think it would be THAT hard to make a trail thing like that for a gamemode would it? If you can make a trail that detects when a player goes through it then you could maybe use that to remove what ever props go through and kill any players.

The top down view would be MUCH easier to make because the bikes can then turn on right angles which is a fun game to play too. I just think a gamemode like that would be a bit basic thats all

Actually you could also make the identity disk battles from tron really easy just make the arenas give the players gravity guns and all you need to do is mod the energy balls from HL2 maybe give them new models with different colours for each player and make it so the dont blow up that could be kind of fun. It would work well if you made a tron gamemode with a lobby where you can join one of those matches or join a tournament or join a lightcycle race. The race could be the 8 bit version (you could just make it all GUI) or you could have it like in tron legacy which would be fun then you could get off your bike and use your identity disk like in the movie.

I saw a laser wall for vehicles on toybox the other day, maybe you can just get permission to mod it?

And as far as perspective, your choice… I’d play it either way really, as long as the maps aren’t too restrictive…

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THANK YOU!!! I’ve been looking for a similar game. This is almost exactly like what I used to play (world is a little smaller, but otherwise dead on)

boat racing?