What do you wish were in the GMod headers?

Binary modules are becoming more popular, but the headers still haven’t been updated in awhile. This is what they look like currently. So what do you guys wish were in the garrysmod-lua headers?

For me:
lua’s psuedo-indices (LUA_GLOBALSINDEX, LUA_REGISTRYINDEX, etc.)
ILuaObject->GetDouble (only ILuaInterface has this for some reason)
wrapper for lua_next (since it’s sometimes easier than vectors for things like stack-to-stack copying)
wrapper for lua_pushclosure (more general than functions, wish I had this a couple of times)

Also, does anybody know if the psuedo-indices from the regular lua.h still work in gmod?

wrapper for lua_pushlstring

IGameSystem implementation.
Arg Count.

ILuaInterface.GetStackTop should do that.

Oh yes, what was I thinking. I forgot for a moment that lua offsets the stack index on calling a function.