What does "/2 /3 /4" etc, mean inside a string?

I seen this inside a string and wondered what this is for.
Does it mean anything?

Are you sure you didn’t confuse the slash? I mean, / doesn’t do anything, while <number> has some effect, like
being new line, \0 being 0byte or EOL/End of the line, etc.

Oh I mean’t to say \

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Where can I find more info about \0 and such.

I looked here already.

That’s basically it, if you put in a number, for example \49, it will do the same as string.char(49), resulting in “1”.

ASCII codes between 0 and 31 are control characters, they are usually not visible and may be used if you need a unique separator in your string, or if you want to store binary data instead of a human readable string.

Alright thank you.