What does a T junction look like?

I’m sorry, I know this is a stupidly retarded question, but I’m struggling to find any pictures.

I’m working on a post-zombie-apoc map set in a small section of a built up city.

I have a custom road texture (which is really nice) which I’m going to edit to make a T junction.

As the title suggests, I need pictures of said junction.

Thanks in advance.

Also, this should be in mapping, right? I suppose it’s justifiable for it to be in models/skins.

Dude really, use google or think, its A T Junction, Shaped like a T.


I’ve used google, I can’t find a decent pick of a T junction of the sort I need.

And I know it needs to be shaped like a T, I need to know what the road lines should look like.

There ya go.

Google maps perhaps?

Just look for one in Manhattan or something.

Not a clue then. Sorry.



with all of you.
It looks like a U

Go outside? Find a T intersection. They’re everywhere. Bring a camera.

Heh, And I thought this was going to be a thread about tjuncs where world geometry and func_detail geometry meet.

I thought the same thing when I opened it.

I even drew a diagram in paint before I realized what he meant. So I drew another diagram.


This is for right hand traffic, mirror it for left. This is what a suburban high traffic t-junction with traffic signals would normally look like. If it’s a low traffic t-junction it probably just uses a stop sign on the l of the T and doesn’t have separate turning lanes. Oh and if it’s a very high traffic t-junction in something like a city, then the roads are probably four lanes wide the entire way.

Hmm, actually that picture is a bit mangled, the straight lane would collide with the turning lane on the other side. You don’t want that.

T-Junction, they call it this because it looks like a T.

Google Earth can solve these kinds of things in seconds.

Agreed. :razz::hf::razz: