what does alpha mean?

It seems to me that some people have a difficult time understanding what the term alpha means. I am sure they get that the game is still under development, but that ks a bit of an abstract concept to anyone who hasn’t who hasn’t worked in development before.

There are many posts that complain about “end game” and how easy it is to get the best gear. Most responses to these complaints seem to be “in alpha”. But if you don’t really understand what that means, it becomes a non-answer.

First and for most, it is part of how programs are tested. If you only had access to the first few newb items, it would take months to discover issues with higher level items. For this reason during alpha it needs to be easier to obtain all items for testing.

As the alpha test moves forward, more game elements will need to be added in a manner that allows for full testing.

So when you are looking at the game, look at it in a more abstract light. Do the features work, do they make sense? Is there a glitch or bug? Instead of worrying about the game play, worry about the playability.

Exactly, what we are supposed to be doing right now is playing the game with a critical mind, trying everything that is possible to try and posting any constructive criticism or bugs you may have found. that’s not to say you still cant have fun with it, but if you are stressing yourself out because you can’t have fun with it, and want a fully balanced, fun game RIGHT FRICKEN NOW, then alpha testing isn’t for you.

it means “features / gameplay are not fully implemented and are subject to minor and/or radical change. may or may not work at any given moment. may 'splode your computer and cause you to spontaneously combust” ok, maybe just the first two :dance:

a public alpha is really just “we are giving you permission to play our game we just started working on, in return we want you to post any ways that we fuck up, so we can fix those fuck ups”

the pricetag is for the finished license. consider it a pre-order

It is actually pretty damn brave to release an Alpha, they know it is going to get slated by a lot of people that do not know how the system works. To me that tells me that they are very confident in their final product or they have something else up their sleeve.