What does everyone think so far?

I’ve been working on a custom motd for a little while and I would like to see what everyone thinks about it so far!

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If you dislike something about the motd please give me your feedback

all the fonts suck the close button sucks and the spacing on the top icons is off, other than that looks good

Looks pretty generic to me.

Thanks for your feedback

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I have some big ideas to make it less generic

Didn’t you already post this in WAYWO?
Why would you post it again in a new thread?

I have to agree with Daniel that some of this looks like shit.
Change the font on the left side of the motd and try to make it not so generic.
The scroll bar for your site, should just be a custom scroll bar which is themed to the motd.
Have separate icons for the different gamemodes that you have available.


  1. Colors
  2. Font
  3. Overly complex icons
  4. Poor spacing
  5. Rasterized in some areas

Looks like that leaked version of Richard’s work you were using a while back, except re-styled in an attempt to hide it, except it looks shitty.

glad to see your still around…

and the only part that looks like richards is the button frame & the background cause it was the best background i could find

and please dont bring up the past like that it was just a mistake

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I’ve changed the font already the colors are easily changed and what do you mean by poor spacing?

Your padding is terrible. Just to point out one example; You have the navigation bar ( “Prophunt”, “Trouble in Terrorist Town”, etc ) at the top. Each item on that bar is positioned more to the bottom of the bar, rather than in the middle

Looks like a mixture of Richard’s work and the ModernMotd.

The font on the left panel should be changed. Just my opinion.

I love your ideas, thank you

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I made it from scratch but i agree it does look a little like richards work but thats how motds are made

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I see what your saying ive just been setting the pos

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I think this is dumb because looks like every motd, the font doesn’t fit at all, looks like blur and really tiny, i don’t want to imagine how would this looks big, close button doesn’t have the correct padding and all icons have the same problem

Also, you should ask feedback on waywo, that’s the point of waywo…This and all that stuff i’ve pointed above, it’s why i tag you as dumb
Anyway, you shouldn’t worry about dumbs rating, that’s even dumb

The conflicting colors really get to me. Everything else has already been addressed.