What does garrys mod 9 through 13 have to do with the core game?

I have been wondering this since I bought the game ( which was two days ago) and to this day I can’t for the life of me figure out if the new garrys mod updates do anything different. So far I have the normal version I bought from steam. Is the new garrys mod versions needed for full functionality. Also does anyone have the doom 3 monster npc’s mod and the star ship trippers npc mod? I have been noticing that they have erros and there are times they work and then times they don’t work and are unresponsive. Today they seemed to work fine today but I’m not sure for how long it will work well before giving me another error. I would like to also ask if anyone wants to play garrys mod with to just screw around.

Garry’s Mod has went through different versions, and as of right now the one on Steam is 13. The last free version was 9. You do not need any new updates, Steam will update it for you if something actually does happen.

The mods you are asking for are very vague. I suggest going to garrysmod.org and trying to find them there.

Using garrysmod.com is a bad, use workshop instead.

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You might be able to find the doom soon in the addon releases and discussion thread.

I don’t understand what you actualy want an answer to but ill try and outline some stuff…

Garrysmod updates 9/10 bring new functionality which developers can use. Due to its sandbox nature it means almost all gamemodes are designed for large groups of players, more so then you are likely to have friends that want to play at any one time. As such you will see most people try and build communities with the understanding that they can therefore play the game.

As for addons there is obviously garrysmod.org which is no longer supported as a platform for distribution addons. Some people still decide to use it as a source for old things but most will not work or have been ported.

When it comes to the workshop most things are reuploads by people who want to say “hey look I have something on the workshop with loads of subscribers” however they have no idea what they are doing and as soon as it breaks they can’t do anything about it.

If you have got something from the workshop that did and now doesn’t work, check that the person uploading actually made it and if they did get in touch. Otherwise there is not a lot else you can do if everything else appears to work fine.