What does get sent to client from a shared file?

Hello FP, I wanted to ask an quick question,

lately I had an discussion on what content of an shared file gets sent to the client, so now I’m asking:

DOES everything inside an ‘if SERVER then’ block get sent to the client too, or will it get ‘ripped’ for the client? Since we want to make an shared config, where such an block exists…

Well, if you’re AddCSLua’ing the shared file, then the client would be able to READ the server block but it wouldn’t be executable on their side cause of the server check (at least to my knowledge)

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I thought AddCSLuaFile sent the whole file, I didn’t think it actually checked through the file to see what parts to send and what parts to not send

The whole file gets sent.

If you’re putting if ( SERVER ) then checks in a shared file then you may as well just be making it a serverside file if you don’t want it sent

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Unless you need shared variables or something I guess

meh, thought server blocks wont get sent, well then, thanks!