What does it mean when a model renders like this? Have I fucked up terribly?


(I’m running mental ray cause I was changing renderers in case something like this could be at fault)
I can see no problems in the wireframe, I am not very experienced so it might be something silly like flipped normals but I don’t see anything like that on the model. The model was created with a Spline Line>Lathe and has had a ProBoolean modifier ran on it. I preferred it to normal 3DS Boolean because I’ve read that it causes a ton of problems. Could it have caused this to happen?

Here is a render without the UVW map (right side of the model)


Here is a render of an older iteration of the model where it isn’t as fucked up as the above (front side of the model)


**edit: the difference between RENDER A and RENDER C is that in A the model is Editable Poly while in C it’s Editable Mesh
Thanks in advance

Try resetting smoothing groups on model.

-snip, misread-

Have you changed the topology between the render and that wireframe? It almost looks like it’s trying to be turbosmoothed or something or tessellated in that one area.

How? Google said Utilities>Reset Xform but it doesn’t seem to do anything.

No, I actually haven’t used any smoothing at all

If I add the Smooth modifier (which I think deletes all smoothing if I don’t choose anything) it looks like this:

Also, comparing it now to the last render in the OP, it seems to fuck up a lot when I turn it into Editable Poly.

Convert your model to editable poly, select all faces and on bottom of Editable Poly menu there is smoothing groups. Press reset all.

For some reason exporting it to .FBX and re-importing it fixed the problem. I have no idea why…