What does it take to be a Garry's Mod blog poster in news node

I’ve been thinking lately of starting up one of those tumblr blogs, posting about community made maps and sweps so people in the news node can cherish and welcome these.

Does it take much (domain wise) to start something up?


Well you have to be a good “news” website and I think you have to have your own domain. Just start by posting it in the garrysmod discussion as news and email/pm garry about it.

Don’t need a domain or a flashy website (A simple tumblr website and domain works). News sites are all about content. If your content is good enough, regular enough, you’re golden.

I’ll set a tumblr account up tomorrow and get cracking I 'spose.

Thanks for your response Garry, much obliged.

Sent you a PM garry regarding the site, bit keen.