What does one do when there is no .phy for a ragdoll you compiled?

I compiled a model and got some pretty bad results. You see, there was no .phy to be found.

It caused this:


For one thing he shouldn’t be that small, and he should be a ragdoll. The textures aren’t a problem I have yet to apply them.

In trying to see if taking another models .phys and trying to put it on the model, I got a crash when trying to spawn.

So I’m wondering, how can I fix this?

Well you had a collision SMD when you compiled it, right? Also is it rigged?

There is propably a problem with your qc file you need to specify the collision mesh in it.
For the scale problem you can scale it in your editor or set the grid units in your editor to the right size.
Hammer units are about 1 = 0.75".
Or you can add this qc command to your code.
$scale <scale> //i usualy go with 1.0

Wait, so one source-engine unit isn’t an inch, but 2 centimeters? Or did I misunderstand what you said?