what does red team do when they don't kill Blu team?

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Ryu-Gi would probably enjoy this.

Scout’s mom has a clipping issue.

I once fapped thinking about the scout’s mom.
And this picture is awesome.


Oh my lord…


Why is the spies body all messed up looking?

big ass birthmark

Scout: Nooooo!!! Ma!!!

Holy shit, awesome!

Just kidding, this is the most fucked up thing I’ve ever seen. Posing is good, though, looks decently realistic with the idea that she is actually being raped… WHich isn’t a good thing.

Holy jesus…

Someone actually made some decent nude models, well, the Heavy at least

this is pretty fucked up man

posing is well done tho

Why is there a strip of bacon wrapped around the Spy’s leg?

These really belong in the sex pose megathread

Those are supposed to be burn scars on the spy.

What is it with all these TF2 nude poses. :ohdear: