What does render targets mean in +showbudget_texture?

My map is still having problems where the framerate suddenly drops when turning slightly but I don’t see anything else different when I put on mat_wireframe 1.

I used +showbudget_texture to try to find out what’s going on and when I slightly turn the thing that says rendertargets goes really high. What does that mean?

camera barely moved to the right, render targets is really high

Render Targets are cameras that display on a special texture. Do you have any func_monitors in your map?

I had a func_monitor.
I just deleted it any compiled it again.
Still having the same problems.


Hmm, I had a func_reflective_glass too and I deleted it and the performance seems to be fine now.
Anyway the func_monitor thing led me on the right track.

Most post-processing fx uses RTs too