What does " server.ticrate " do on Rust experimental?

running a rust server on the dev builds, just wondering what effect the tic rate has if any.
on legacy i believe it affected decay, but on experimental i don’t know.

not sure if this is a working argument as of yet. I haven’t tested it so far.

well it does allow me to change the number, i set the server ticrate to 100, and asked everyone to let me know if they notice a difference.
Edit: however as you said, that might not do anything at all.

The higher the tick rate the faster everything updates.

yea but sometimes is high tickrate not good… But i dont know in this game

Yes if it’s too high it can cause performance issues for the servers hardware.

do we know that for a fact at this current stage of rusts development? as in is it a working command? or just there in the list like PVT is but does nothing.

I know what TickRate means in games in general, but in rust i’m not sure what EXACTLY it does if anything.

Set it to 2 and find out :v:

ill have to try that, i’ve set it to 100 before and didn’t notice anything.

It could very well be one of the features that aren’t entirely implemented yet, some of the ‘available’ variables don’t work at all at this stage.

yea , at this point i am hoping a developer could actually step in and let us know.