What does the Bed do?

I’ve been looking and asking everywhere. I’m confused as to what the functionality is of the old sleeping bag. The wiki says it doesn’t have a timer yet if I suicide twice I am forced to wait four minutes to respawn at it again.

It has a timer. Beds are just the new sleeping bag, you just need a house for it. Prevents the ‘zerg raids’ .

Just place 1 bed & 1 sleeping bag in your house. Should be fine unless you like dying alot

1 bed = 1 spawn
1 bag = 1 spawn

If I place 1 bed & 1 sleeping bag in my house, I can respawn only 2 times. Is it Prevents the ‘zerg raids’?

Bed takes up too much space, resources. It just add one respawn (four minutes is too long.). No benefit. Need more improvements for beds. imho.

Bed = no respawn cool down 4 min

sleeping bag = 4 min cool down with in 100 meters of the first bag placed. (if you place more)

So without a bed you only get 1 spawn in “your base”