What does the network.cfg file do and what can go in it (on a server)?


I was sifting through my cfg’s on my server and decided to peek in my network.cfg file. I was surprised to see a few things in there, whether they actually do a thing I’m not sure at all, but after a good bit of googling, I couldn’t find the usage of this file at all. I had a browse at the GMod github and found these are the default settings but nothing else about the file.

Hoping someone could help me understand what could go in it, and if the following things I do currently have in it do a thing as I can’t find any documentation what so ever?

cl_cmdrate 30
cl_updaterate 30
rate 30000

Big Thanks in advance,
Bings :slight_smile:

I think its the default config, being ran before config.cfg/autoexec.cfg, with the default gmod netsetting, wich you then, can overrun with autoexec.cfg/config.cfg etc