What does this error mean?

Im trying to load a lua script, and i get this error when i try

Running script a.lua…
Missing file record! a.lua

Anyone know what this means? and how i can fix this?

Show us your code etc… ?

i doubt its anything for the code, it was working earlier today, and now its just stopped, iv made no changes to it what so ever

Post your console instead of writing what you saw, might give us a more accurate representation of what’s going on.

that is what my console says, lol

So you opened a script by typing “Running script a.lua…”?

Don’t think so.

no, i typed lua_openscript_cl a.lua

What im showing you is just the output

Well does a.lua exist?

Well are you putting the right directory?

yes, it does exist. And is in the lua directory


the file is in the garrysmod/lua directory

Post the code of a.lua

He refused when I asked <_<


Must be OP’s code or he’s a idiot and doesn’t know where to place files.

like i said when u asked me. My script was working earlier today. Then out of no were, it just stopped.

the code doesnt matter.

When i go to load my script up, thats the message i get back. Its not something within my code.

Try telling a mechanic to fix your car without bringing your car to his garage.

Maybe the file is corrupt/a null byte found it’s way in there somewhere?


Looking at the error it’s more like telling a mechanic to fix your car when the garage door won’t open.

reinstalled gmod, and it worked. not my codes problem.

Of course not. Can never be the OP’s fault, always garry’s.

When did he state it was garry’s fault?
And I believe him 'cause to my knowledge lua doesn’t produce errors like the one in the OP:colbert:

It means the file isn’t in the datapack (and scriptenforcer is enabled).