What drops Bolt Action Rifle/Schematics?

Been playing for over 100 hours now farming the shit out of crates and red, still haven’t seen either a BAR or BAR Schematic drop.

And now having to dodge the people that have gotten them at farming points now is not making it any better.

Skill needs to be a factor, not blind luck.

Need to get lucky. I’ve found one in Hangar and one in Factory Rad (the town to the northwest of hangar). The actual Rifle not the BP, I don’t think the BP actually drops. If it does it’s probably more rare than the actual rifle, which is odd. Once you get that you probably know that you need to research kit it to be able to make it.

I found one after 150h of playing. Lost it to PvP 15 seconds later. :suicide:

Yeah, that sucks. The drop rate needs to be seriously improved on this. Forcing this game to be a bp grind is going to take the focus completely away from people vs people for resources/territory. It’s basically just an arms race where the winners get access to the best gear early and make the losers suffer for it.

No matter where you build your base, if you don’t get access to C4/M4/BAR you’re going to have a bad time.

totally unbalanced game ATM

Well if the devs r actually playing their game they know this :slight_smile: balance will come eventually

rust needs a primitive sniper, a shitty single shot rifle to counter kevs and m4s. A naked noob with a pipe rifle can own some full kev guys if he is good enough, instead of trying it with a bolt action that is so expensive to craft and rare to find they rnt worth leaving your house with.

See, the problem with not giving everyone access to all recipes, is the problem I’m running into on a new server I joined.

I found an area, got all kinds of resources and built myself a 2 story 2 foundation home. So I was established and was gathering resources and farming a local rad area of crates and creatures.

Then a pair of guys took it upon themselves to grief our area. C4’ing any one they want and taking out whatever resources they want. Camping from distance with their pistols and rifle, c4’ing your home and taking the resources as they see fit.

Now of course you could say, change servers, change areas. Sure. Then it happens again. New person on a new server or new person in an area with someone who has access to C4, or long range weapons and you have to make due with primitive vs hi-tech. They know where you’re going to have to camp to fight with them, and they make sure you can’t.

This isn’t the same as having to run distance for resources to build the weapon, or farm ammo. Focused areas where you are forced to sit at, in order to even compete.

This is terrible design.

If you’re a “naked noob” unfortunate enough to be engaged by “some full kev guys”, you deserve to die. That’s the spirit of the game. The survival of the fittest. Don’t get into that “everyone’s a winner” state of mind. In Rust you shall either need better tactics or better gear to win a fight. If you have neither, you die. This is totally fine.

That is true, but not having access to the same recipes should be a given.

Get a research kit. Then take a shotgun to the nearest dudes face that has a bolt action.

Schematic earned.

Due to my house location the only fights i get into are the ones i start. No one has found the location on several servers and after a couple months. Even if i had a hatchet and no Mil Weapons my house would be safe

Lol, I just had this happened to me.

Playing solo(no friend lol), and try my best to hide my house like edge of the sea, then admin and his friends armed with bolt action and M4. come and raid my house, did my best to defend. Not good enough since I only have revolver.

I’ve been playing for around 3 weeks, and have never had a problem getting a BAR.

I’ve NEVER gotten schematics though, I just get one from a rad base and/or another player and research it.

The issue is the loot tables. What I find is that items you find will then always drop. For instance it took 2 days to get 1 research kit. Then after that im always getting them. Same with most items.